Bike Helmet Sales- Bulk Orders

Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital and the Safe Kids Greater Cleveland are offering bulk bike helmet sales.  This program is designed for persons conducting youth programs to obtain bike helmets for the group at a low cost. This year, we have a great helmet available: True-Fit helmets.

Some details of the program are:

  • True-Fit bike helmets are $10.00 each
  • A minimum order of 16 helmets is required. Helmets must be ordered in even numbers for each category. For example, we are no longer able to order one male toddler or three female youth. It must be even numbers. Helmets come two per box and they will not split the box.Payment must be received with order.
  • Use the individual order form   to get size information from the children you will be distributing bike helmets to.
  • Submit your order to the Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital Injury Prevention Center using the organization order form.   Send one (1) check per order and mail organizational order form to:

Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital
10524 Euclid Ave., Walker 3024
Cleveland, Ohio 44106-6039
Attn: Tom Vilt

Orders will be directly shipped to the address indicated on the organization order form.  Please call or email Safe Kids at, 216-983-1115 or  to confirm that the order has been received.  Please allow 4-6 weeks for helmet delivery.

All helmets are made by Vista Outdoor and are tested to exceed the stringent bicycle helmet standards of the Consumer Product Safety Commission.  In order to offer you this incredibly low price, you will not be able to choose graphics or colors.  Helmets will be ordered by size and by general color/graphic based on gender.  The exact helmet graphics and colors will vary, based on the inventory that Vista Outdoor has in stock.

Additional details:

  • Insert your organization’s information into the individual order form and send to parents.
  • Attach a bike helmet tape measure (available free of charge from Safe Kids Greater Cleveland; call 216-983-1110 to order).
  • When you receive your helmets, please contact Vista Outdoor at 800.776.5677 with any issues. We are unable to fill helmets from our stock.
  • To download the True-Fit helmet bulk order instructions, click here.
  • If you are not from the Greater Cleveland area but are interested in purchasing bike helmets for your community, visit Safe Kids USA to find a coalition near you.