Safe Communities

Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death among children. Creating a safe environment for kids means addressing all of the risk areas that impact the health and well-being of our community’s children. As a result, we venture into some nontraditional areas for a children’s hospital, like DUI reduction programs and senior driving workshops. We want our children—and everyone who is important in a child’s life—to make it home safely. The Rainbow Injury Prevention Center is the lead agency for the Cuyahoga County DUI Task Force and the Speed, Reckless, and Aggressive Driving

IACP Award Luncheon

Reduction Task Force, which are comprised of local law enforcement agencies, judges, prosecutors, political leaders, businesses, schools and community members that work together to reduce drunk and drugged driving and improve traffic safety through a combination of community education and enforcement efforts. More than 30 law enforcement member agencies work together on targeted enforcement campaigns, share equipment and conduct training to improve officers’ traffic safety enforcement skills.