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7 Easy Ways to Prevent Injuries and Keep Your Kids Safe

It is always a great idea to brush up on a few things that you can do as a parent to prevent injuries and keep your children safe. When it comes to the safety of their children, parents are willing to go to any extent to keep them safe. So, we have brought you a list of tips to help you keep your children safe. Some of lesser-known, but important tips are:

  • The first and most important, never forget to buckle your seat belts. In a car accident, this simple seat belt can make a difference in life and death. According to NSC, vehicle crashes are the primary cause of death for people between ages 1 to 33. Seat belts can save thousands of lives during a motor vehicle accident.
  • Always use a child safety seat while in a vehicle. A child safety seat can bring down the risk of a fatal injury by around 70 per cent in children under age 1. You need to make sure that the seat is installed properly. Reports suggest that close to 80 percent of these seats are not installed correctly.
  • To ensure safety, do not drink and drive. Research shows that close to 40 percent of auto accidents involve drinking while driving. The NSC also reports that around 3 in 10 American will be included in an alcohol-related traffic accident at least once in their life.

  • Always encourage your kids to wear a helmet when riding a bike, playing sports such as baseball, hockey or even football. A head injury more often than not, results in irreversible damage to the brain. Wearing a helmet can reduce the risk of brain injury by up to 85%.
  • Parents need to be careful to prevent poisoning. The leading causes of poisoning at home, ultimately resulting in death, are medicines, cleaning products, pesticides and poisonous houseplants. Make sure that the medicines are locked away from young children and toddlers. It is also vital you install child-resistant caps in cabinets. Cabinets that store cleaning products must have safety latches.


  • Parents also need to be extremely careful near water bodies. Reports suggest that more than 3000 people drown every year. Children within the age of 4 are the most susceptible to deaths by drowning. Make sure your child is supervised when near a pool, tub or any other water body.
  • Lastly, suffocation is one of the leading causes of death at home for children below the age of 4. Take the necessary steps to prevent your child from choking. Babies must be put to sleep on a firm mattress rather than soft pillows or blankets. Moreover, ensure that all kinds of cords are kept away from the reach of children.


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