12 First-Aid Tips For Common Kid Injuries

It is quite common that a child will play around, get curious and sometimes in the lotto 4d process, end up hurting himself. That is something we, adults have no control over. But we can help them get through the impact of injuries, big or small with our proper guidance and support.

So if you are one amongst those blessed people embarking upon a new phase of life such as parenthood or guardianship, the following set of first aid tips are definitely going to come in handy to tame that loving yet naughty kid of yours.

Bleeding Wound:

Carefully run water over the wounded area to remove any bacteria. Next, gently dab the excess blood away using a cotton ball and then apply an antiseptic to avoid infections. Leaving the wound open is more advisable as it lets the skin breathe and clots the blood.

Deep cuts or bruises:

Now this is similar to a bleeding wound but its impact is deeper and hence the above mentioned methods are not advisable. The best way to nurse it is by gently wrapping a bandage over it and seeking the help of a doctor immediately.


If your child is suddenly vomiting and showing symptoms of an upset stomach then it can be deduced as a case of severe poisoning. She/he may feel drowsy along with a badly aching abdomen. Our advice is to take the kid to a hospital immediately and get diagnosis with prescribed medicines.

Head injury:

A swollen red bump on the head or near the forehead can be deduced as a head injury. Get a cloth filled with ice cubes or frozen peas and dab it on the swollen area. This cooling effect usually helps in reducing the swell. Visit the nearest doctor for a final opinion.

Allergic reactions:

Kids can be allergic to food items or other outside materials. The symptoms of an allergic reaction include intense swelling, dizziness, puking etc. The best way to reduce the allergic reaction is by using an epinephrine injector. To ensure absolute safety, take her to a hospital for further medications.

Twisted bone:

One way to nurse a twisted bone is by slowly in one go, twisting it back in its exact opposite direction. But again this is advisable only for experts.  You can try applying Ayurvedic oils over the twisted area but visiting a doctor is the best.

Sprained ankle:

To nurse a sprained ankle, apply a heating pad over it and then visit the nearest physician for more advice.


The symptoms are sudden jerking or stiffening of arms. If this is noticed, immediately take her to the hospital as seizures can cause actual disorders in the body if not treated right away.


In the case of choking, try the Heimlich maneuver and if the choking still persists, immediately rush her to the nearest doctor.


In the case of infections, the best treatment is antibiotics prescribed by the doctor.

Mild burns:

In the case of mild burns, dip the burnt area in cold water to reduce swelling and redness of skin. Apply a cooling cream and rest. If the burn looks severe, seek the help of a doctor.

Broken tooth:

If your kid turns up with a broken tooth, place the tooth aside and nurse the area with water and cotton to reduce the blood flow. Then take her to the dentist for a thorough check up.

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