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Become a member of the Greater Cleveland Safe Kids / Safe Communities Coalition and start making a difference in your community:

Benefits of Being a Member:

  • Obtain free materials for your injury prevention programs
  • Access to one of the largest “safety” lending libraries
  • Access to local injury prevention research and statistics
  • Opportunity to participate in campaigns and unique media opportunities
  • Opportunity to highlight your community organization
  • Network with professionals from the Greater Cleveland area
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Learn about Community resources
  • Hear about other member’s program ideas and implementation methods
  • Opportunity to take a leadership role in community safety

Requirements of a Member:

  • Complete Membership Application Form
  • Actively participate in coalition projects and programming
  • Complete Membership Activity Reports for each campaign you participate in
  • Submit pictures of event activities and provide a copy of campaign collateral designed
  • Recruit professionals to join the Coalition
  • Attend bi-monthly meetings
  • Participate in fundraising endeavors when possible