Pedestrian Safety

Pedestrian injuries are a common cause of death from trauma for children ages 5 to 9. Most of these incidents happen during the daylight hours in fair weather conditions. Closer adult supervision and following safety rules could prevent many of these tragedies. When children learn and practice pedestrian safety rules, they will reduce the risk of injury. The Rainbow Injury Prevention Center works to keep children safe while walking the streets of Northeast Ohio by providing an interactive educational presentation to children, working with cities to improve walking environments and provides information and education to parents.

International Walk to School Day
International Walk to School Day highlights the benefits of walking for health, provides tips for safety and gives parents and other adults an opportunity to see the walk to school experience-with all its joys and dangers-from a child’s eyes. Since its United States debut in 1997, International Walk to School Day now draws nearly three million children, parents, teachers and community leaders in the U.S. UH Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital, Greater Cleveland Safe Kids/Safe Communities Coalition and FedEx have participated in Walk to School Day for the past thirteen years and want to continue the legacy of teaching our children about being safe while walking.



For more information about pedestrian safety, please contact the Safe Kids Greater Cleveland Coordinator.