Teen Driving

Teen drivers have higher crash rates per mile driven than any other age group, yet are less likely to buckle up than older drivers.  As lead agency for the Greater Cleveland Safe Kids/Safe Communities Coalition, the Rainbow Injury Prevention Center has a variety of programs-to-go and resources to help our community partners plan and implement projects to encourage teen safety belt use and prompt high school students to think more carefully about their driving habits.  Our efforts have included:

  • “Pop Stops” at the exits of local high schools, where police department and school personnel stop students as they leave school parking lots and reward teens who are buckled up with bags of popcorn or cans of pop. 
  • Post card mailings to parents of high school students, reminding parents that they have control over their teens’ driving and offering tips to ensure a safe homecoming or prom. 
  • A prom season promotion in which our retail partners distribute small cards with tuxes or prom dresses that remind teens about the importance of buckling up and driving safely on the special night.